1. Go to the Lord Pierre Hotel bar.
  2. Go to the cinema (2 movie theatres).
  3. Go to the horse races (seasonal).
  4. Eat green mango with lime, salt and pepper.
  5. Eat a burguer at Beer Station.
  6. Go to El Nativo (Only opens on Sunday when there's a long weekend)
  7. Go to a boat party on white watta.
  8. Go fishing off the shore or deep sea fishing.
  9. Watch a Softball game in San Luis.
  10. Go to a Basketball match in San Luis.
  11. Go to eat at Mr Carrington (Slow food).
  12. Eat Bread Fruit, unfortunately is seasonal.
  13. Go to Ibiza (bar in the middle of the ocean, sounds better than what it is)
  14. Take a Spanish class with Jose (Jose is a good friend of ours who is a teacher).
  15. Visit the Library and enjoy the view.
  16. Eat icre cream at Popsy
  17. Have an Iced coffee at the Juan Valdez by the beach.
  18. Go to Playa Charquitos (pudddle beach)
  19. Eat a popsicle at El Dorado Hotel I suggest Lemon Pie
  20. Eat Boli  (Boli is something children eat when they finish school, I suggest coconut or Tamarind boli)

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