1. Ride a Mototaxi.
  2. Visit The Blow Hole. (We don't recommend this place very much)
  3. Hitchhike with a local.
  4. Walk/swim to Rocky Cay.
  5. Snorkel around the big abandoned boat in Rocky cay.
  6. Watch the sunrise on the Coral Palace right in front of the city hall (East side of the island).
  7. Watch the sunset while having a beer at Reggae Roots or Big mama bars (West side of the island and make sure you take bug repellent).
  8. Have cold coconut water at Bengué's bar.
  9. Snorkel to the sunken boat AKA Blue Diamond on the west side (right in front of Playa Tranquilo Bed and Breakfast).
  10. Take a photo with Poseidon (at West View).
  11. Go parasailing (expensive).
  12. Eat crab patties.
  13. Try Journey Cake (Local type of bread).
  14. Eat Ice cream at Miss Vivid (only open on Sundays and holidays).
  15. Go up to the terrace of the Blue Tone hotel (You have to sneak in).
  16. Go to the Baptist church's (highest point in the island).
  17. Have a milkshake at Kikiriki.
  18. Visit the botanical garden.
  19. Do the flyboard (expensive)
  20. Snorkel at the sunken statues at Big Mama Bar
  21. Drink a cocktail at Big Mama's bar
  22. Go to Chamey's Nautica and Paddle board
  23. People watch at the boardwalk
  24. Visit the old folks home at la loma and bring them eggs for good luck.
  25. Do the Swingboard thing
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