1. Rent a Golf cart or a Mule(Not the animal).
  2. Take kite-surf lessons.
  3. Try exotic fruit juices at The Sandwich Place AKA Aristi.
  4. Bike around the island. Is only 36Km.
  5. Have takeaway ceviche and eat it at the beach.
  6. Eat Rondon.
  7. Have drinks at Kella's Bar. (oldest Rastafarian bar in the island)
  8. Get your hair braided on the beach.
  9. Eat/hang out at Punta Sur Restaurant.
  10. Eat at la Regatta Restaurant (reservation needed).
  11. Eat at any of the restaurants on the San Luis Beach (Paraiso Restaurant or Donde Francesca)
  12. Eat at Captain Mandy (If possible get the Star Octopus).
  13. Eat a Menu del dia at El Parqueadero restaurant. (This is a hostel guests' favourite)
  14. Eat at The Grog in the Rocky Cay beach.
  15. Kayak on Old Point Mangroove Regional park on trasnparent kayaks (Reservation needed).
  16. Walk on Old Point Mangroove Regional park boardwalk.
  17. Go clubbing to Cocoloco disco. (Fridays are best)
  18. Go clubbing to Extasis disco. (Saturdays are best)
  19. Eat crab soup (seasonal product).
  20. Eat a whole fried fish.
  21. Eat conch shell (seasonal product).
  22. Buy beers at Mickey Mouse and drink them on the beach.
  23. Go surfing.
  24. Walk the boardwalk from one end to the other.
  25. Ride the public bus.
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