It took us a while, but i think we finally managed to finish a 101 things to do list in San Andres.

Keep in mind that they are not organized in any particular order and some of them cost money.

  1. Go Snorkeling.
  2. Visit the Big Pond and pet an Cayman.
  3. Listen to Gospel music.
  4. Jump at Morgan’s Jump.
  5. Go beaching to any beach.
  6. Go window shopping.
  7. Visit the Rocky Cay beach.
  8. Jump from the rocky cay boat (not recommended)
  9. Take a free hotel tour.
  10. Make a local friend.
  11. Go to Johnny Cay.
  12. Go to Cayo Bolivar (Restricted as of 2016).
  13. Go to the Acuario Cay.
  14. Go to Haynes Cay.
  15. Eat at Bibi's Place in Haynes Cay
  16. Eat at the Fishermen's Place.
  17. Snorkel in the Acuario Cay.
  18. Go To la Piscinita (closed on sundays)
  19. Go to West View.
  20. Go to Reggae Roots
  21. Get certified as a Scuba Diver
  22. Go Scuba Diving if you are already certified.
  23. Drink a Cocoloco.
  24. Party at Banzai Cocktail bar on Gringo Wednesday.
  25. Rent a motorcycle and loop the island.
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