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Seafood lovers – welcome to heaven! Try the local black crab dishes – especially the crab claws forstarters. If you order a lobster, check the size first. Most lobsters served here are very small –hopefully I don’t need to tell you that eating baby lobsters isn’t good for the environment.Providencia used to have enormous lobsters all over the place – now they’re all small due tooverfishing – so do your part and refuse to eat the small ones.....

Seafood haters - you’re in for a tough time. Lots of chicken I suspect. Don’t consider ordering a steak– they’re pretty poor, everywhere.....

Vegetarians – you’re in for a tough time too..... try Cafe Studio, Il Postino or Bamboo (see below).

Note that a lot of restaurants close on Sundays – you might struggle to find many open....street foodvendors often come out on Sundays though...look out for the locals doing organized BBQs for Sundaylunches. The beachfront restaurants in South West Bay are open on Sundays, as are most of thehotel’s restaurants.

Our favourite restaurant is Bamboo, which is on Santa Catalina Island (turn left after the footbridgefrom Providencia – 5 minute walk from the centre – closed on Sundays though). The prices are veryreasonable, and the local sea food food always excellent, as is the service. The crab here is amazing.Ask for a table on the small pier in front of the restaurant - the views of the harbour and Providenciaare wonderful. Bamboo is one of the few restaurants in Providencia when you can normally ask for avegetarian dish (ask for one - they won't appear on the menu).

Another favourite of mine is Il Postino, an Italian restaurant found in San Felipe (San Felipe ishalfway between Freshwater and the town centre (Santa Isabel) – look for the sign on your right 100metres after the small bridge if coming from Freshwater). It's only open 4 months of the year though- if it's open you'll see the sign. The speciality here is pasta.

Caribbean Place (aka Donde Martin) is the probably the best restaurant in Freshwater. There's a verywide variety of dishes on offer - I often opt for the coconut prawns. It’s the most expensiverestaurant in Providencia, but you get good food.

Pizzas Place in Freshwater does some remarkably good pizzas. I order a delivery about every week.Stick to the pizzas though – after all they specialize in pizzas....

Pirata Morgan Hotel offers a set evening meal for about 8000 pesos – if you’re on a tight budget, thisis one of the cheapest places to get a meal.

South West Bay has a variety of beach front restaurants, including El Divino Nino, Mr Arturo and Miss Mary. South West Bay is the best place to get lunch on the beach. I'm a particular fan of El Divino Nino's famous "mixed plate", a ridiculously enormous dish that offers lobster, conch, crab andfish at a remarkably reasonable price. Miss Mary is where I head if when I feel like eating conch.

On the road between South West Bay and Freshwater Bay, Cafe Studio is another good restaurantwith reasonable prices – it’s run by a Canadian lady. The menu is varied and the homemade stylefood always tasty.

On Machineel beach, Roland’s beach bar offers sea food. There’s a couple of other shacks whereyou can pick up a bite to eat – but from my experience, they always seem to be closed. Roland’s is always open though. Roland is a rather legendary local rasta (ed – he’s cut his dreads now – he’s still a rasta inside as he says!)

Generally speaking, many of the best restaurants (whether defined in terms of value for money, quality of food, or a mix of the two) are the independent ones not attached to the hotels. Hence,you’re best off avoiding those all inclusive packages. Almost all the hotels in Aguadulce (except Posada del Mar) have a restaurant. Miss Mary hotel (in South West Bay) and Miss Elma hotel (in Freshwater Bay) are both good options – primarily for their lovely, tranquil beach front locations.The restaurant at Cabanas Aguadulce is pretty good too.

There’s also a handful of cheap places to eat in the centre of town. A new restaurant on the edge ofthe town centre is Don Olivo, I’ve yet to eat there though.

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